European Union Structural Funds Programme for Malta
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Project Areas :

Environment Projects



Establishing Civic Amenity and Bring-In-Sites

Around 260 tonnes of paper, 92 tonnes of plastic, 48 tonnes of metal and 139 tonnes of glass were collected by Wasteserv from 50 bring-in-sites during 2004.
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Drinking Water Image

Drinking Water Quality Project

The main objective of this project is the improvement of drinking water quality in our taps.
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Image of Wied Il-Mielah Valley

Wied Il-Mielah Valley Restoration and Management of Storm Water

Regrettably, over the years, as a result of lack of planning and management, no preventive and corrective measures had been taken to maintain the natural landscape of the Wied il-Mielah valley area.
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Image of Aerial Emissons

Aerial Emissions Control for Maghtab, Qortin and Wied Fulija Landfills

The solid waste disposal sites at Maghtab, Qortin and Wied Fulija were developed at a time when full environmental impacts of such operations were not known.
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Image of Equipment

Acquisition of Air Monitoring Equipment to Comply with Acquis Requirements

The need to extend the current national air quality monitoring system has been identified in the recommendations of the report entitled " The Preliminary Assessment of Air Quality of the Maltese Islands.
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Structural Funds Programme for Malta 2004-2006.
Project part-financed by the European Union - European Regional Development Fund.
Co-financing rate: 75% EU:25% Government of Malta.
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